Meet our INTŮ team
Michał Niewęgłowski

Author of INTŮ meditations & insights
(and voice of the Polish version)

combines boldness with sensitivity and kindness.

He went from being a diffident boy, through the life of a rocker going with the wave of daily parties – most of which he doesn't remember, to being a meditation teacher carrying out meditation and breathing workshops for all social groups: from corporations, through the youth, up to prisons. 

For many years he followed the philosophy of "collecting experiences" going from one adventure to another - some closer to Breaking Bad, other to Big Lebowski - until one day he experienced a natural state of great peace of mind and became aware that an excess of experiences leads to exhaustion, is a form of escape from oneself, and lacks soothing depth. 

He currently maintains balance between action and meditation.

He made a lot of mistakes during his life, but also achieved many successes. Anyway, after getting his driving licence back, he rarely goes over the speed limit :) Apart from the INTU app he is the organizer of the Kazimiernikejszyn festival which slowly gets a cult following. Father of two daughters. He values a mix of straightforwardness and love.

Maria Konarowska

Voice of INTU meditations

An actress, traveler and model. She is a graduate of the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute. In Los Angeles she learned from such stars as Al Pacino, Paul Haggis, or Rutger Hauer. Known for TV and theatre roles in Poland. She is also related to Comedy Club in Warsaw.

She graduated from the University of Social Psychology. For many years now she practices meditation, carries out and participates in personal growth workshops. She discovers her spiritual path by traveling across the world and learning something new in every place she reaches. She studied various techniques - from strictly psychological ones, through more unconventional methods, and up to spiritual ceremonies. 

She enjoys cooking and loves it when people are happy.

Mirosław Płowiec

Author and voice of INTU Insights

Entrepreneur, traveler, psychologist. 

As an entrepreneur he can account for a number of start-ups, one bankruptcy, and a lot of unnecessary Ltd companies which he has no idea what to do with. 

As a traveler he carried out a 10 months long journey around the world (immediately after becoming bankrupt) and rode around the entire South America on a small Chinese motorcycle (when he was in the black again). 

After fourteen years of focusing on earning money he discovered, with bewilderment, that it doesn't make him feel fulfilled. He decided to make an app with meditations and become a psychotherapist. 

His favourite word is "tranquilo" - peace with a twist of positive energy.