The Story


There are two possibilities.

In life, you may follow circumstances – making your peace of mind depend on them, or you may follow your peace of mind – without worrying too much about the circumstances. 

In the first case we are doomed to experience constant ups and downs – for it's impossible to control everything and everyone. We also don't really have chance to take a closer look at what we really want.

In the second case we make decisions oriented on the state of mind – and not on shaping the circumstances at all costs. We also have a greater chance to be at peace with ourselves.

In other words: we may battle reality, try to control it, assuming that specific conditions determine our satisfaction, or we can – caring for ourselves and doing whatever supports us – maintain a peaceful state of mind and remain unaffected by changing circumstances.

That's in a nutshell... :)

With INTŮ you will get to know the second approach.

May the Ů be with you!

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