in tune with yourself

01. Idea

The way
you are

with yourself

is the way
you are

with the world

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02. Tools
Guided meditations
& useful hints
tools for soul
Karma Dice:
new challange
every day
03. Intů app
From simple meditations
to advanced courses
Introspective tools
for soul-searching
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04. Advantages
Connection with yourself

The ability to stay connected to yourself is key. Does it make any sense if your actions do not result from a good connection to yourself? Being close to yourself is key to a mindful life. The way you are with yourself is the way you are with the world.

Clarity of mind

We are often surrounded by a stream of thoughts, distractions, and decision-making problems. Deep relaxation, reduced number of thoughts and better contact with yourself will allow you to see your own needs in a broader perspective.


In general, our calmness is correlated with our circumstances. If everything is fine with our wallet, our relationships and our health, there is a greater chance that we will feel calm. However, as our circumstances naturally change, our calmness disappears. We rely on circumstances. One of the basic advantages of meditation is that you can find this feeling of calmness inside yourself, regardless of the circumstances.

Mindful living

Do you sometimes feel that you only observe life? Do you feel that your relations, feelings and joy are deprived of profoundness? Do you feel an internal rush and absent-mindedness? Effortless mindfulness adds a profundity to everything you do or feel. Many people consider it is a goal on its own.

Better sleep

Overstimulation, long computer screen working hours, light pollution in the cities – these are some of the main causes of the chronic or short-term sleep deprivation experienced by over 45% of the world’s population today. Proper regeneration is only possible with a deep, balanced sleep. It directly influences your wellbeing, effectiveness, and health. Meditation and meditation-like techniques help regulate and improve the quality of sleep. 

Stress reduction

Stress extracts energy. It reduces joy of life. Stress can cause illnesses. Reducing stress and making good use of it are one of the basic abilities of men and women of today. Meditation is a natural and easy tool that will help you reach two goals: reduce stress and teach you how to perceive situations as less stressful.

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05. Teachers
Michał Niewęgłowski

Combines boldness with sensitivity and kindness. A meditation teacher carrying out meditation and breathing workshops for all social groups: from corporations, through the youth, up to prisons. He values a mix of straightforwardness and love.

Maria Konarowska

An actress, traveler and model.  She carries out personal growth workshops. She discovers her spiritual path by traveling across the world and learning something new in every place she reaches. She studied various techniques - from strictly psychological ones, through more unconventional methods, up to spiritual ceremonies. 

Mirosław Płowiec

An ex-entrepreneur. After fourteen years of focusing on earning money he discovered - with bewilderment - that it doesn't make him feel fulfilled. He decided to make an app with meditations and become a psychotherapist. His name literally means "praising peace". 

06. Reviews
Black Cherry
27.09.2017 / 13:01

The app is amazing, it helps you to calm down and get in touch with yourself :-) The voice of the teacher is sensational, you can hear that the lecturer has experience, sometimes I had the impression that he's sitting in my head and reading my thoughts :-P

Grzegorz Korzeniowski
24.08.2017 / 15:04

For those initiated and for beginners and for those who have no idea what meditation is ... I recommend to everyone :-) Very good job and I am waiting for the next guided meditations. Hassle-free contact and almost immediate replies. May the peace be with you :-) Greetings Greg


I started using the app in April 2017. First, I made the entire intro course and I liked it so much that a month later I got a full version. I'm very impressed! I did not think that these courses would help me to master my own thoughts and emotions and reach that deep! Not only that - I recently had minor problems with logging after the update. I wrote an e-mail and they should get a medal for customer service. They themselves inquired whether everything was OK and made sure that my case had a happy end. I highly recommend - well worth it! :)

Kamil Kaminski
05.02.2018 / 10:56

This is the best application from any angle. There is no better app so refined and so positively working like this one. The cost of the subscription compared to what we receive is adequate. I hope that the only thing that will change is the amount of meditations. Because their addictive impact compared to their quantity shows that I will soon run out of recordings. Warm greetings!!! 

Malgorzata Jalowiecka
04.05.2018 / 09:34

A thoroughly prepared app. It helps to deal with emotions and also find out more about yourself. I recommend without hesitation.


A perfect app for meditation. I feel amazing after each session :) Relaxed like after massage <3

May the Ů be with you!

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