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19 .90

Recurring monthly pay in PLN each month

One-year subscription

189 .00

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The subscription is automatically assigned to the account immediately after the purchase. When placing an order, please provide the email address you use to log in to the INTU app on your phone. You can check it by going to “Profile” and then “Your subscription.” If you place an order using a different email, you will receive access to the application in the form of a PDF voucher with a code.

Subscription comparison

7-day introductory course
Advanced and extended courses.
Introspective processes
Single-session meditations
Only a few...
Carma Dice
A good plan.
Calmness assistant

Satisfied meditators

Best app!

I’ve tried a few apps for meditation, but That’s one is simply the best. This is one of my favorite app at all.

-- Dominik

Grate beginning

Being a complete beginner I didn’t know what to expect from meditation. Turns out it’s actually for everyone :) btw great voice in Polish version, good job!

-- FlagBlock

Definitely I recommend Intu!

I wasn’t „into” any kind of meditation before but I’ve decided that I will give it a try and it’s awesome! It’s very „user friendly”, I feel more peaceful, happier, things which were stressing me before are not annoying anymore.

-- Knag198623

👌 i love it

This is a good app 👍

-- Abukar Deerow

Best meditation app ever

In few days I’ve done with all intro course trough INTU app, than I decided to subscribe to monthly plan, the app makes pretty easy to learn meditation, the platform is amazing, I’m really loving. Highly recommended

-- Dave_co_hu

Best meditation app

second to none. One of best apps for meditating.

-- Basil Abdulsalam

INTU gift subscription.

Buy INTU as a gift. Good things should be shared. :)

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