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The owner and the administrator of intuyourself.com website and INTU Meditation mobile App is INTU Sp. z o.o. (LLC) based in Poland, registered under No. KRS: 0000687745, REGON: 367869305, NIP: 1132947168 , 03-838 Warsaw, Grochowska 309/317D/113, hereinafter referred to as INTU, the Owner or the Administrator.

The user of intuyourself.com website, hereinafter referred to as the User, is any natural person who will create an account within INTU Meditation app or will subscribe to the INTU mailing list.

The User is able to create an account, only if he or she will accept these Terms and Conditions, including any future changes of these Terms and Conditions.

For any future changes or modifications of the Terms and Conditions, INTU shall immediately notify the User.


In order to create an account in INTU App, the User needs to complete the registration form or use Google+ or Facebook profile.

The User’s account can be activated with one of the following methods:

  • 2.1. the User clicks the activation link sent by INTU to his or her email address given during the registration.
  • 2.2 the User logs in with Google+
  • 2.3 the User logs in with Facebook account.

A natural person has to have full legal capacity and has to be an adult person, in order to become the User.

INTU offers two different types of accounts with different functions:

  • free account;
  • paid account (subscription)

INTU rejects any claims for registration of activation of the User’s account.
INTU reserves the right to refuse the registration of activation of the User’s account, or to remove the User’s account without disclosing the reason, especially if the User violates the Terms and Condtions of intuyourself.com

The User is not allowed to sell, resell, or transfer to other natural person or legal person his or her account at intuyourself.com.


The User shall protect his or her username and password from unauthorized access by third parties.

The User shall immediately inform INTU, whenever he or she will find out or suspect an unauthorized access to his or her username and password by third parties.

The User is responsible for unauthorized access to his or her username and password by third parties, unless he or she proves, that the unauthorized access was caused by those factors, for which INTU bears the responsibility.


INTU is not responsible for the fact that the intuyourself.com website or INTU App temporarily, in particular due to maintenance and administrative tasks, will not be available to the user, if the lack of access shall not exceed a total of 5% of the time in a calendar year and if longer breaks in access will not be caused by willful intent or gross negligence.

INTU shall not be responsible for any damages caused by failures and errors of the user’s software and hardware, and in particular for any technical problems with the internet connection. In particular, INTU shall not bear any responsibility for damages, that result from lack of access to the Internet, or a defect-free internet access. Additionally, INTU shall not shall not be responsible for any damages caused by hardware or software used while utilizing the intuyourself.com website or INTU app, or caused by the user’s internet provider’s technical problems, including the provider’s hardware and software-related problems. This applies in particular to the limitations in the performance of services provided by INTU, that may result from incompatibility or the specific parameters of the user’s software, or the user’s service provider’s software.

INTU bears no responisbility for the damages caused by the breach of non-essential contractual obligations. This also applies to the unitntentional breach of non-essential contractual obligations during the negotiations and to the statutory liability caused by inadvertent action of INTU.

In the case of liability of INTU, except for willful misconduct, the obligation to pay the compensation is limited to the typical and foreseeable damages. Additionally, the compensation to be paid by INTU, shall be limited to the amount of average damage.

The foregoing limitation of liability shall apply mutatis mutandis also to the legal representatives, employees and third parties, used or hired by INTU to provide services.


If any provision of these Terms and Conditions is in whole or in part legally invalid, or if they will lose their validity in the future, it will not affect the validity of the remaining provisions.

Only the Polish language version of the Terms and Conditions is legally binding.

INTU reserves the right to errors made in the translation of the Terms and Conditions to other languages, including the English language version of the Terms and Conditions.

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