food for thought 20.08.2022

Letting go.

Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

Everything passes. However cliché it may sound: this is the nature of life.

A given breath or mood passes. Relationships, the body, one’s way of seeing the world change. Even the continents drift.

Meanwhile, we are trying to grab. Hold back the nature of life. Catch the current of the river of change. In searching for stability, we cling not only to what is good for us, but also what does not support us at all.

We gather to ourselves almost everything that gives us the illusion of stability, looking in them for security and alleviation of the fear of the unpredictable.

It requires of us effort and control. It often cuts off the ability to gently going with the flow of life.

Is it possible to live with just one breath?

Is it possible to stop the exhalation?

There is a reason why we observe the natural rhythm of our breathing in meditation. The breath comes and goes. Like everything else in life. Being at peace with this phenomenon leads to meditative relief. 

Life is the art of letting go.

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