food for thought 30.11.2021

We are here for a while.

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Yesterday I took part in the “Dying Workshops” with @katarzynaboni

Although I am familiar with the topic – I have done the “maransati” meditation (death meditation) many times during meditation retreats, you will find it, by the way, in Intu in the Healthy Distance course – the workshop is a very interesting reminder of what is important. For example, we reflected on the fact that a fierce discussion about politics on Facebook, a complaint about shoes, a broken car, or even temporary financial problems are, in fact, phenomena that deprived of any greater significance in our lives, in terms of what is really important to us, and at the same time every day we are able to charge these rather insignificant things with more energy, and devote more attention to them than to the important ones.

Does it make sense?

It reminds that the loss of everything, sooner or later, is inevitable and … it is basically a phenomenon tinged with optimism: encouraging to enjoy that which is here while it is here – from breath, through health and family, to the very fact of existence.

After all, we might have just as well not have existed to begin with. How often are you happy that you exist?  Once I started asking myself: what would I be concerned 3 minutes before I die? It turned out – nothing. So what is the purpose of getting so tensed up with something now? Of course, life is variable, it is a masala of tension and letting go, sadness and joy, laughter and tears. It is no use pretending that enlightenment has come upon us. At the same time, it is worth remembering: we are here for a little while.

That liberates.

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